‘If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!’

Dodgeball is played predominantly as part of social event competitions and is an optional sport when organising an event.

Refer to the Event page to book your social event and nominate Dodgeball as the sport (or one of the sports) you would like to play.

Dodgeball competitions large and small

We have held two large successful Dodgeball social event competitions in conjunction with Hot100 with up to 14 teams and have experienced referees and equipment to include this as part of your next event!

Curious about the rules? Download them


Frequently asked questions


How do I find a team?

If you are keen to play in an event but don’t wish to put in a team please contact us and we can assist with finding you a team!

How do I know when my game is?

Game times for events may be available prior to the games but usually are advised on the night at the commencement of the Competition. Please contact your Event organiser or contact us if you have any questions.

How many players do I need for a team?

A full team on court is six players however a team can consist of more players that sub on in different matches.

Do we need to have a uniform?

Teams do not need to have a uniform as players are at either end of the court! Teams may wear a uniform if they choose to but they are optional.

Are referees provided for games?

Yes, we provide referees for all games.


Do we need to bring anything to play?

All equipment required to play is provided. Just wear runners and comfortable clothing to run around in!


I was injured during my dodgeball game, am I covered by any type of insurance?

Participating in sports carries the risk of injury and players participating in sports at Top End Indoor Sports Centre are playing at their own risk. We hold public liability insurance and have Ambulance Cover for if an ambulance is required for transport from the Centre to hospital (please contact us if you have been invoiced for ambulance transport from the Centre). We do not provide Personal Player Injury Insurance Cover due to the limited benefits available through Personal Player Injury Insurance and the differing circumstances of players and their possible existing level of insurance cover through other policies or other types of insurance. We do however recommend that players take out, or investigate taking out Private Health Cover, Personal Injury Insurance Cover, Income Protection Insurance or Life Insurance depending on their individual requirements.

I have just found out I'm pregnant, can I still play dodgeball?

We support any player and their choice to continue being active while pregnant as long as they feel able and where they have consulted a medical practitioner regarding their pregnancy, with reference to their general health and well-being and where they understand the level of risk to themselves and their unborn child while playing sport (specifically dodgeball). We also encourage any player who is pregnant to advise us or someone they are playing with so that, should a situation arise where they need medical attention, we or another person are aware of this and can make the person providing medical attention aware. However, we take no responsibility for any injuries that may be sustained to themselves or their unborn child through their decision to continue playing sport at any stage of their pregnancy.

I have never played before but would like to try dodgeball, what should I do?

We don’t currently have any ongoing Dodgeball competitions but if you are either interested in organising an Event or being added to a list for us to let you know when the next public event is, contact us.

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