Indoor Cricket

Indoor Cricket

Come on down and play Indoor Cricket

Looking for an opportunity to regularly catch up with mates during the week doing something you enjoy?

Players range from beginners to experienced! And teams can enter or leave a competition at any time without penalty during the season. No need to pay costly registration fees up front or buy expensive gear as all equipment required for games and umpires are provided.

With a great atmosphere and plenty of good-natured banter...come down and play indoor cricket with a fantastic group of guys!

Why play indoor cricket?

  • Games are played weeknights, keeping your weekends free!

  • Short, sharp games out of the sun!

  • No costly registration fees up front or equipment costs.

  • Licensed bar…sit back and watch other games or chill with your team mates!

Indoor Cricket Competitions

Join us for 6-a-side indoor or 8-a-side cricket at Top End Indoor Sports Centre.

6-A-Side Indoor Cricket

Tuesday and Thursday from 6 pm.

Matches consist of two teams of 6 players, with all players on each team batting and bowling against each other providing ample opportunity to be involved in all aspects, every game. Each team plays for 18 overs with each batting pair batting for 6 overs and each player bowling 3 overs.

8-A-Side Indoor Cricket

Wednesday from 6 pm.

Matches consist of two teams of 8 players. Each team plays for 16 overs with each batting pair batting for 4 overs.

Epic matches. Good mates. Licensed bar!

About Indoor Cricket

It could be said that the only thing indoor cricket has in common with outdoor cricket is the name, as approaches and tactics can vary quite a bit. At its heart, indoor cricket is a team-oriented game.

The format of the game means that every player has to contribute with bat and ball, and players have plenty of opportunities to influence the outcome of the game. A key wicket or high scoring shot can galvanise a team like nothing else, bringing about huge momentum shifts in a very short space of time.

The atmosphere can be palpable and the games intense and at the end of the game sitting around with mates, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

Indoor Cricket seasons

There a two main seasons, a Wet Season Competition and a Dry Season Competition. The Wet Season Competition runs from approx. April to August with the Dry Season Competition running from approx. September to March each year. The seasons culminate in two weeks of finals for eligible teams and the Grand Finals of all sports are played on the evening of the second Friday of finals.

Existing Team Captains or Organisers are often on the lookout for new players or fill ins. It’s a cool, easy way to meet new mates!

Everything is provided

If you’re putting in a team, we provide everything you’ll need to play including cricket balls, bats, gloves and umpires…the most difficult thing will be coming up with a team name!

Indoor Cricket Pricing

Team Fees for 6 Pack Cricket are $99 per game ($16.5 per player)

Team Fees for 8-a-side Cricket are $112 per game ($14 per player)

Frequently asked questions


How do I find a team?

If you are keen to play but don’t wish to put in a team please contact us and we can assist with finding you a team!

How do I know when my game is?

Game times for the upcoming week are available online.

How long are the seasons and when does the next one start?

Seasons go for about 25 weeks including finals, however teams can join at any time during a season except during finals. The Wet Season Competition commences in approx. September each year and the Dry Season Competition commences in approx. April each year. Please contact us to confirm commencement of the next season if it is not available on our website.

How many players do I need for a team?

A full team for 6 Pack is 6 players however a team can take the field with five players to commence a game. 8-a-side teams have 8 players on the field but when organising a team, it is useful to have up to 12 players on your list for when players are away or unavailable.

Is Ladies or Mixed Cricket played at the Centre?

Ladies play Friday Nights during the Wet Season competitions. We currently have 4 teams but welcome any more who would like to join.

There's a public holiday coming up, will there be games on that day?

Games are on Public Holidays and State of Origin nights but check with your Team Captain/Organiser or the weekly game fixtures to confirm.

What time are games played?

Game starting times can vary so check your weekly game times but the first games of the evening are generally at 6pm and each game is allocated 70 minutes.

What days are games played?

6 Pack Cricket is played on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and 8-a-side is played Wednesday evenings. Ladies 6 Pack Cricket is played on Friday nights in the Wet Season.

Do we need to have a uniform?

Uniforms are optional so teams do not need to have a uniform however the majority of 8-a-side teams choose to have a uniform and a number of 6 Pack teams also have a uniform so once the team has been playing for a while, they may prefer to have one.

Are there different competitions for different age groups?

There are no restrictions on age for the senior competitions however it is recommended that players be at least 15 years of age to play in the senior competitions.

What should we wear?

Wear something cool and comfortable to run around in and a pair of runners!

Are umpires provided for games?

Yes, we provide umpires for all games.


Can I buy gloves and other equipment there?

Yes, we have a selection of batting gloves, inners, keeping gloves, abdo guards and bat grips available for purchase at the Centre. Please see the equipment page for current stock.

Do you provide gloves and bats?

Yes! Basic batting gloves, keeping gloves and bats are provided.

Fees & Costs

How much does it cost to play cricket?

The team fee for 6 Pack is $99 per game which works out to $16.50 per player if there are 6 players on the team. The team fee for 8-a-side is $112 per game which works out to $14 per player if there are 8 players on the team.

Can our cricket team pay for the season up front?

Certainly! Upfront payment is accepted for a season and Grand Finals are free. Please contact us for further details.

Fill-ins & Forfeits

Most of the players in our team are unable to play any cricket games before 6.30pm as we work together and don’t finish in time. Can we still enter a team?

If you know in advance that your team will be unavailable for a specific time every game or just a particular week, please contact us and let us know when entering your team or as soon as possible if it’s just for a specific week.

We will then make every effort to work your preferred game times into fixturing where possible. Please note though, if your team are not available at every timeslot there may be an occasion where either your team or your opposition need to forfeit if between both teams we are unable to find you both a mutually convenient time to play.

Our cricket game is tonight and I've just had 3 players pull out, what do I do?

Contact us and let us know as soon as possible, we may be able to assist with fill-ins alternatively letting us know early gives us time to contact your opposition and avoid further inconvenience to them if the game will not be going ahead.

All or most of the players in our team are unavailable to play cricket in two weeks’ time due to a work function that evening, what do we do?

If you know in advance that your team will be unavailable for a specific game or week, please contact us as soon as possible. We can then fixture your team a ‘Bye’ if fixtures for that week have not been released. Alternatively, if fixtures have been released, we can either assist with finding fill-in players or arrange a scratch match (full team) if you need to forfeit a game and the other team are still keen to play.

Do we have to pay for our cricket game if we forfeit?

We understand sometimes things happen that are out of the Team Captain/Organisers control and there is no option other than to forfeit. Forfeits made after the fixture has been posted will incur a forfeit fee of 50% of the Team Fee. Forfeits made on the day of the fixture will incur the full Team Fee. This also means the team that has not forfeited and paid their fees, won’t miss out on their scheduled game – and they get an automatic win.

As always, if you communicate with us prior to 12pm (Lunch Time) on Friday regarding your team’s availability the following week, we can accommodate that in the upcoming fixtures. If your team wants or needs to have the week off, let us know before 12pm (Lunch Time) on Friday.

I am regularly struggling to fill our cricket team due to players being unavailable but I would still like to keep the team in the competition, what are my options?

Contact us, we often have players looking to join a team and may be able to assist you with extra fill-in or permanent players.


I was injured during my cricket game, am I covered by any type of insurance?

Participating in sports carries the risk of injury and players participating in sports at Top End Indoor Sports Centre are playing at their own risk. We hold public liability insurance and have Ambulance Cover for if an ambulance is required for transport from the Centre to hospital (please contact us if you have been invoiced for ambulance transport from the Centre). We do not provide Personal Player Injury Insurance Cover due to the limited benefits available through Personal Player Injury Insurance and the differing circumstances of players and their possible existing level of insurance cover through other policies or other types of insurance. We do however recommend that players take out, or investigate taking out Private Health Cover, Personal Injury Insurance Cover, Income Protection Insurance or Life Insurance depending on their individual requirements.

I have never played before but would like to try cricket, what should I do?

Give us a call or come in to the Centre on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and have a look! Make sure you bring your runners and wear comfortable clothes to run in as you may get a game!

I haven't played in 10 years but would like to start up again, what should I do?

Refer above!

I'm 15, can I play in the competitions?

Yes, you can! Our competitions are mostly pretty social and family friendly! You are certainly welcome to join in or enter a team in a senior competition but please be aware there are no modified rules for junior or teenage players playing in the senior competition however if you are entering a team, we can ensure your team is playing against players at a similar standard depending on your team’s level of playing experience and ability.

I can't commit to playing every week, can I fill in?

Certainly! We understand due to work or family commitments some players would prefer not to commit to a specific team but are happy to fill in. Team Captains/Organisers regularly contact us to arrange fill-ins so we have a list of players we text with the details of the team requiring a player/s and the time of the game (it’s usually on the day of the game though). If you are available and keen to play, text us back, if you’re not available, you can just disregard the text! If you would like to be added to this list just contact us and we will pop you on!

I don’t have a team but would still like to play, can I?

Yes, you can! Team Captains/Organisers are regularly looking for fill-ins and/or permanent players. Contact us and we can help you find a team!

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